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in a veranda. over to our bridges and disquiet. and of delays at the toll plaza. the san mateo bridge is just fine westbound 92 towards foster city. south bound 101 no issues with visibility. no accidents to report. a couple of headlights making its way into san francisco. the drive is 22 minutes out of novato into the city. any. >> new this morning a fire in contra costa county. the fire broke out around 1130--12:30 p.m. on the 50th hundred brblock a share would force drive. the cause of the fire is unknown. estimated damage is around $100,000. the governing boards of california state university and university of california had heeded pleas from governor jerry brown to postpone a proposed tuition increases. the proposed fees were intended to improve graduation rates and free seats for new students. by charging a " for super senior fees. seniors who have committed 160 units would be charged a per unit feed. governor brown says cost must be controlled and not passed along to students. >> in a santa clara county where authorities have filed additional charges against the man who they say kidnap
reaching right to the edge of the macarthur maze. your ride to the san mateo bridge as we expected, slowing down now within 18 minutes drive time. expect that to climb to 25 minutes and the next few minutes. we're approaching stop and go conditions across the span. your ride to the golden gate bridge 1 01 south is still in light and easy ride. not only for the bridge but from marin county. >> the showers are moving their way through almost out of here. lingering showers in the east bay and some of our south bay spots but nowhere near as intense as what we experienced overnight. we were anticipating a pretty messy commute but because the showers started earlier than we predicted last night the heaviest rain actually fell almost of us were sleeping. it is currently raining over interstate 680 down bill toward san ramon. and showers are on the way out and pretty light in nature. you will need user windchill wipers and there's always the potential for some pounding. the livermore valley is starting to dry things out the we are still experiencing some light rain over the optima past. san mateo h
of the san mateo bridge especially dumbarton bridge healthier returns now moving into san jose more in the mountains heading your way over the next 25 to 35 minutes. we are not out of the woods yet. let's find out about that traffic. >>> going slower is a good idea this morning thanks mike. good morning. a lot of standing water, flooding, pooling, wet roads live look at bay bridge toll, traffic is light, definitely wet out there, several problems, first eastbound 580 past greenville, "sig alert", big rig jackknife three lanes blocked, getting away towards i-5 you may want to wait a bit. also, westbound 84 past 880 on dumbarton coming into fremont, car in the median, a lot of standing water give yourself extra time. >>> we are used to the crush of people flying home before thanksgiving causing delays. the rainy weather will undoubtedly cause longer waits on an extremely busy travel day. terry mcsweeney is live at sfo. >> reporter: right now according to the sfo duty manager, there is no impact on flights because of the weather. the rain is coming down, as it did yesterday. yesterday
on the san mateo bridge. with strong gusts perhaps not surprising. we got the winds here's a live look from los gatos rain is coming down hard, you can tell it is windy. >> that means the possibility of downed trees and hydroplaning on the roads and power outages. hardest hit cities, napa, saratoga, san rafael, san bruno live team coverage on the storm, coming up. >>> another look at the bay bridge weird to see it without lights only headlights illuminating that span. be careful make was talking about the gusts, winds hit you from the side. >> with the ponding on the road with the hydroplaning it could be a little >>> pounding rain, gusty winds, look at the bay bridge, the lights are out we are checking to see if this is weather-related, there are thousands of power outages all over the bay area as this major storm blows through the bay area this morning, causing major problems. i'm eric thomas. >>> i'm kristen sze let's get latest from mike. >>> winds gusting around 50 to 55 miles per hour across the bay no friction, nothing to slow the wind down, that's why we are having the issues with t
as today, could be warmer in a few spots, san jose 60, san mateo, 59 degrees. your five day forecasts veterans day, cool for the afternoon highs, after the cold start. we could have frost first thing monday and few extra clouds by tuesday. showers the best bet on thursday for day five. started out the week in the 80s. >>> thousands of people headed to san mateo on the hunt for arts and crafts. shoppers combed through 200 booths for item as at the san mateo event center. admission is 9 bucks for adults. anyone who brings a nonparishable item gets $2 off. it raises money for the humane society and spca, reusable shopping bags. >> we have 24,000 different unique one of a kind different jewelry, books, leather. >> the event continues through tomorrow. >>> new findings on the golden state warriors. new war yous arena would mean as a $54 million boost. a report from the body of soupvos budget app list says the reap would generate $19 million a year. that money is based op having events at the reap more than half theee. the reap, if given the grep light will be bill on piers 30- 32 wp fife y
mateo bridge. we are still san light rain in san jose also. futurecast for shows that for the rest of our we are still going to see continuing rain. as we head into the 10:00 a.m. our there will be scattered showers. into the afternoon the conditions should be clear and sunny. it is 6:02 a.m. and here is traffic. >> and as a 580 in the westbound direction is that 44 minutes. an accident is at its final clearing. these lands have been blocked for way over our. it is slowing your drive. >> back to our team coverage of weather. >> for the most part we are having a bit of a break. i fell about one or two struggles. i do not think it will be more than that for the moment. we are catching a break right now people >> to children in santa rosa were hit by a car as it were out. a two year-old and a four year-old boy was walking and they were ahead of their parents when they were struck. they were taken to the hospital and their injuries are not life- threatening. this happened about 7:00 p.m. last night and the driver did stop and cooperate with police. >> about 3200 nurses in east bay are
the shopping mall, best buy in san rafael is busy stretch of 101 through there not so bad. san mateo bridge people are out towards foster city probably going shopping over there. we've got 87 past hp pavillion very light. we'll get back to but in a little bit. >>> developing news in san rafael, police are investigating an early morning nightclub shooting that sent two to the hospital. it happened before 1:00 in morning at club 101 on west francisco boulevard and anderson drive near highway 101. the club was hosting a concert a disturbance inside spilled out into the parking lot. two people were taken to marin hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. police and other agencies moved in quickly, several weapons were recovered. terry mcsweeney will have a live report from the scene coming up in 30 minutes. >>> at least 10 residents of a san jose apartment complex will return today to see what is left after a fire last night left them hopeless. red cross is helping families from four units, two units destroyed by fire 8:30 last night, two other units unliveable due to water damage and lack of
san mateo mid to upper 70s coast. traveling away interest us high temperatures are going to be cooler -- especially up in the great lakes region towards the northeast 40s and 50s there, 60s as far south as atlanta 60 through denver and salt lake. all major airports on time, rain rolling through kansas city, st. louis towards memphis. light showers around seattle and portland. any delays develop our flight tracker will have them, >>> devastating story especially for the parents. investigators in pittsburgh, pennsylvania trying determine if a little boy died falling into a zoo enclosure or mauled by wild dogs. the 2-year-old's mother placed him on a railing so he could see the african painted dogs yesterday, the boy fell into the exhibit and the dogs attacked him. zoo employees managed to get seven of the 11 dogs away. police were forced to shot and killed one of the dogs. >>> follow-up to a story we told you about on abc7 news about a woman in a motorized wheelchair hit by a car while on the sidewalk in belmont. since our story aired last week we've received calls from pe
but as the rain falls it is that the north bay at this time. san mateo bridge does not look that bad at the moment. let's start in the north bay and because they are expected to get about 10 in. a rain in some locations. >> we actually had a full start at just about an hour ago it started raining lightly and did let up. we are starting to see some real rain fall on 1 01 near the civic center. it has been steady for about 10 to 15 minutes and you can see it coming down. it will obviously get worse before it gets better. usually the north bay is the first one to get it. >> i was out of people were by wide for blades and pretty much it will be a sloppy commute. >> this is just round one and we will have a series of storms. the heaviest rain is slated for thursday and friday. we was see the heaviest rain and it will occur between 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.. this is the window of the downpours. you probably want to stay off throwaways at these hours. >> we're starting to catch a break for parts of san francisco. we are same lybrand closer to the sunset area. the green indicates light rain and this body a
. for the san mateo bridge there was a report of a stalled their toll plaza and we cannot see if it is backing things up here pass the toll plaza periods the back up maybe before the camera. we can barely make out the tail lights that are coming in from the toll plaza. the golden gate bridge for the southbound ride--as we look at the map there is an update of dry times. it is getting a little heavier than usual on 880 westbound. there is a 60 minute drive time. it is two minutes higher than normal. so, out of vallejo visibility is down to 100 ft.. your drive time through alternate pass way 35 minutes from the 2 05 interchange. no. 1 01 out of the cairo valley still looks good and there is an accident on the guadalupe parkway. it is not yet backing up your ride. >> a big week with the u.s. supreme court. they will become betting behind closed doors this friday. the justices will decide whether not to weigh in on same-sex marriage with several cases in front of them. the high court could decide whether to roll once and for all california's proposition 8, the 2008 boater prove ban on same-sex mar
. the futurecast moderate and heavy and along the san mateo coast. that moderate becomes widespread by 8:00 a.m. for the morning commute. also when the conditions gusting at 70 m.p.h.! competitive thunderstorms and even lightning strikes. we will time it out on futurecast with the wind advisories and the thunderstorms coming up in just a bit >> continuing our team coveage.. we plan in the east bay with terisa estacio. piedmont police are warning drivers about areas >> these preparations are very serious after what happened last here, take a look. >> this is in piedmont a major thoroughfare in the east bay city. you can see this video for april, this mudslide caused a lot of damage. in fact it knocked out power to 65 homes for several hours. and the director of public works as saying that after an investigation investigators determine that this mudslide was caused from the minister directed a storm water from a nearby home and look at the same area several months later. the director of public works and saying that this plan has worked out with the home owner taking you erosion control mat
. look what's coming onshore by the san mateo coast of the that's the front coming onshore. we said around 7:00, boy, mother nature was right on time with this one here. you can see half moon bay, pacifica moving into san francisco, rain picking um there. also the wind gust as well. about 35, sfo, 44 crystal springs, reservoir. up towards lake county, it's coming down in buckets. santa rosa, only .10 the last time i checked in santa rosa. we're gonna keep an eye on things. kentfield has picked up .10 of an inch. they are usually the leader of the pack. sunset district starting to pick up. you can see the rain right off san francisco beginning to light up on. radar but that's really heavy rain starting to move in on the coastline. we're moner toking the -- we're monitoring the conditions. tori an dave? >> time now, 7:06. >>> overnight in gilroy, shots were fired at a house with several people inside, including a baby. ktvu's janine de la vega is in gilroy now. what are police telling me? >> reporter: police say the family was very shaken up. the house where it happened is three house
and wednesday. bea >> we are seeing top speeds from the approaches. no backup of the san mateo bridge. the drive 12 minutes for inactive. the golden gate bridge ride doing just fine southbound 101 you may end of the road work other than clear conditions coming out of the back to some headlines a 5 year old boy is recovering from being hit by car less but. the accident happened shortly after 5:00 p.m. the 3500 block of lakeshore avenue near lake merritt. the child was taken to the hospital with head trauma. less that the interest not appear to be life-threatening. the driver of the vehicle stopped at the scene and the corporate with investigating officers. >> cleanup efforts to impose liens in the city after an amalgam of blood. it happened with a pipe burst. with agreement in the forecast city crews and residents there are using bales of hay and other barricades and bulldozers. the main efforts today to bargain over the weekend is making sure the work that we hear is protected the president and the neighborhood. the cause and the adverse mud flows. t >> crews spent much of a day digging a trench
outside now at the san mateo bridge, traffic moving back and forth without problems, the bridge deck is still dry that is going to change, meteorologist lisa argen will tell us when. we'll also check in with sue hall in the traffic center. >>> mapping breast cancer the parts in the bay area where women are likely to be >>> live doppler showing plenty of clouds, this is in advance of our next weather system. today with the high and mid level clouds temperatures will be cooler. the clouds are going to thin out for the time being, 8:00 we are looking at good conditions around the bay. this morning there is fog in novato also in livermore. with thickening high clouds today, temperatures are going to be cool, numbers around 60° in san francisco, 61 san mateo, 63 more sunshine around san jose maybe a few sprinkles along the coast. tomorrow this time, very heavy rain, wind advisory through 11:00 tomorrow morning. next system late thursday night. >>> back to the bay bridge, [ inaudible ] eastbound open, metering lights light -- on. once you get past the metering lights sluggish, brake light
for the future. live from daly city i'm san mateo ktvu channel 2 news. >>> time is just about 6:07. egypt's prime minister called on israel to end its military attacks on gaza. there is growing signs israel is preparing for a ground invasion. we are watching the situation. this is a live picture from the gaza strip. just moments ago there was smoke in the air. we're not sure what caused it. bombings in the area have continued this morning. hopes for a cease fire ended this morning when militants launched rockets at israel including a strike on tel aviv for the second straight day. israel said it hit 150 targets during the night. this is a third day of very intense fighting. israeli forces are gathering right along the border for a possible ground attack. >>> more protests are planned in san francisco later today outside the israeli consulate on montgomery street. yesterday about are propalestinian demonstrators you are looking at pictures here called for an end to the fighting in gaza and end to u.s. support of israel. a smaller group of proisraeli demonstrators held a counter protest. >>> happen
charges after san mateo police say he wrecked two borrowed cars in two days while high on nitrous oxide. check out this youtube video of the second crash that caused a six-car pile up october 13th. police say he smashed into a car at in san mateo, flipped on its side and hit four more cars in oncoming traffic. dozens of canisters of nitrous oxide were found in both cars he crashed. >>> tsa plans a new screening system at san francisco international airport, tsa-precheck will allow passengers to be prescreened so the tsa can concentrate on people who are more likely to pose a risk. officials expect to three 3% more travelers going through the airport -- between now and new year's. as a result the airport expects to set a new record exceeding the previous record of 41 million passenger. >>> got a taste for fresh crab? you should be able to have some on your table by tonight fishermen will bring in the first catch of the commercial season later today unlike last year there won't be a repeat of the price dispute that delayed the season this year fishermen and merchants decided quickly on a
morning. if your commute takes from you the east bay to the peninsula, via san mateo bridge, looking good now, tail lights towards foster city, 13 to 14 minutes to get across the span either direction eastbound looking good too. southbound out of marin over the waldo through the rainbow tunnel waldo tunnel looking nice, no fog, no traffic coming into san francisco, a little bit of wet roads with isolated showers through marin. san leandro, accident with a truck, 26 foot truck plowed into parked cars at east 14th and 162nd avenue, amy hollyfield is headed there. new accident north 680 before 80 at cordelia junction car in center divide. >>> 6:03. san francisco list have a wanted federal parolee in custody after a standoff. police recognized the man yesterday on monterey boulevard. he took off and collided with a police car. the parolee's car was found after somebody phoned in a tip. police confirmed he was in a house on appleton avenue and set up a perimeter with the s.w.a.t. team, he surrendered. >>> live doppler tracking storm two being expected to arrive fully tonight sonoma county resi
minutes. we've been incident free on the bay bridge and that is why speeds are up. san mateo bridge speeds are down as we a been observing the 7:00 hour. that seems to be when things are peaking. we're looking at a 15 to 80 minutes drive time for the san mateo bridge. the golden gate bridge ride is still pretty steady begetting water here. this is indicative of the reins moving through the area. the drive time on interstate 80 is still only 18 to 90 minutes hercules to berkeley to 680 and the southbound direction on the 580 westbound is doing pretty well. so is 684 this an old grade. general slowing of south bay freeways and no hot spots here. the marin ride is 31 to 32 minutes. the southbound is four to five minutes have year than we would normally see at this hour of the morning. the sensors are updating adding a little more red indicating speeds are dropping below 25 m.p.h. now. >> a 15 year-old accused of killing a man and injuring a police officer in san jose will be tried as an adult. he and his alleged partner jonathan will banks will be held for murder arm robbery and the attempted
bridge toll plaza looks fine out oakland into the city. san mateo drive 12 minutes from end to end. south bound 101 the golden gate bridge no problems. i have checked with the chp to dry is 22 minutes of novato into the city. a. >> thank you erica pipit to concord men are saved after their car fell 25 ft. early this morning. but for the second happened shortly before midnight. the eighth in a way exit. the car had been traveling south on the overpass and it crashed into a guardrail. it fell about 25 ft. and flipped onto its roof. the passengers were able to exit the car with no help and suffered minor injuries. >> new this morning a house fire in redwood city has fire crews kenning an early start to their monday. the one alarm fire was called in around 130 atm located at 20 melvyn him record. crews remained on the scene there no injuries reported in the fire. the being the for the niners faced a st. louis rams at candlestick park. the game cannot be decided in regulation play the overtime was not enough either. the final score was 24-24. it was a tie. the san francisco 49ers tide came bac
. approaching the san mateo bridge the dumbarton bridge take a look at the yellow for portions of interstate 680. we are picking up some light rain in the milpitas area. we are still currently drive for the southern peninsula. satellite and radar shows a wider view the moisture is streaming its way into the bay area. this system has gained a lot of strength. we do have a wind advisory in effect from 4:00 a.m. until 11:00 a.m. today. with that we could see wind gust top out at 70 mi. per hour along with coastal regions. 50 mi. per hour gusts everywhere else. a lot of instability and unstable weather in the area that we have potential for a thunderstorm. futurecast 4 look at the 8:00 hour is in the heaviest rain will start to occur. most of the north bay is under the yellow. this is the main front passing through. it will be over the entire bay area at 10:00 a.m.. a lot of cloud cover the wins will pick up as well. it will push out of the bay area as we head into the afternoon scattered showers of the back end. we will move to a dry pattern as we head into lead tonight. yes, we do have the wind ad
, we are here in san mateo county and in about an hour, volunteers will making phone calls back east you can see the big array of democratic people they want to vote for as they are driving by. they want people to get out and vote for president barack obama. last night they were targeting republicans and undecided voters in battleground states. hope and change now moves to finish and finish what the president started. >> we have to know what the facts are and to be able to share that with election people. >> it volunteers them simply to get out and vote. >> it reinforces that somebody is out there trying to get something done and agree with the same things they agree with. >> reporter: now the feeling, mitt romney could pull out a win here and we will tell you what both parties will not take for granted. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> and some polls on the east coast are pulling aunt we are looking at vice-president joseph biden, as they cast their ballots and later this morning they will fly to chicago to watch the returns come in. in yearly budget overnight, they v
low to mid 60's. 644 oakland 63 in san mateo. pleasanton coming in at 64 degrees. satellite and radar hose the key to the bigger picture. we are tracking the system impacted us today. setting off in the pacific. what will occur on saturday night into sunday is a strong mark cold front will drop through from the gulf of alaska. heavier more intense rain with that system. wind gust could reach 30 mi. per hour. we could see snow with that system in the sierra. not much maybe an inch and a half. later monday or tuesday the timing is uncertain with the third system. that on will be like in nature. we hold on to the potential for more wet weather tuesday into wednesday. spotty showers at best. keeping an eye on thursday that is thanksgiving as of now the models are showing a 30 percent chance of rain north of the golden gate bridge. we could also pick up showers for downtown san francisco. the chances increase for the south bay. again if could be a wet one keep that in mind for those of you making thanksgiving plans. >> it is quiet at the traffic center. fortunately the wet weather having n
. big delays here all the way through the macarthur maze. the san mateo bridge is also have a this morning for a number of reasons and because a lot of people have been daily from interstate 82 highway 92. >> new this morning this is a disturbing story we're getting out of a laid off. a 65 year-old woman was kidnapped at gunpoint by a 14 year-old boy yesterday evening in front of a store. the stores on the 100 block of plaza drive. this boy forces the woman to drive to another location in the area of the head and broke parkway and highway 80. when they read their he beats her sexually assaults are and then leaves her in a ditch. he took off in her minivan. a passer-by found her left alone and beat and in that- and called the police. the police went to rescue her and in the meantime her family gets a call demanding a ransom. they did not comply with that but detectives did in that catching up with the 14 year old because he returned to where she was down off of highway 80. they have arrested a teenager and booked him and to be juvenile hall on multiple charges. unsolved attem
in san mateo county. >>> questions still surrounding the resignation of cia director petraeus over an affair. another woman is at the heart of the investigation that led to the revelation. >> reporter: petraeus' secret affair may have remained secret if not for threatening e-mails his lover sent to jill kelly, wife of a tampa surgeon longtime supporter of the military. not romantically involved with petraeus but a family friend she contacted the fbi after receiving threatening e-mails, concerns that the cia director's e-mail had been hacked. >> initial complain was harassment, it could have gone to hacking no information that this had anything to do with national security. >> reporter: those e-mails were linked back to paula broadwell who had access to petraeus in afghanistan as his official biographer. the 40-year-old broadwell lives in charlotte, north carolina with her husband and two kids, avid runner and says they bonded over shared mental and physical discipline during her trips to afghanistan to interview him. >> it was an opportunity for me to interview him on a run i was -
neighborhood is doing all it can to keep the convenience store from going up. near 501 north san mateo drive, cbs 5 reporter mike sugerman tells us why neighbors are saying no to big gulp and beef jerky. >> reporter: you want a 7- eleven in your residential neighborhood? maybe if you like big gulps and the chance to buy beer at all times. these people don't. >> we don't know how it happened. there were seven months of essential silence, and then all of a sudden the building permit is issued and that's what we have been trying to find out. >> reporter: hely lives in this san mateo neighborhood and wonders why it took almost a year for one of her neighbors to raise their fence a foot and lots of trips to the planning commission when it looks like it just breezed through. >> they have this very intensified use of a facility coming in and gave the public no input whatsoever. >> reporter: they will tell you the planning commission sided with them, that a convenience store shouldn't go in this noncommercial area, and then all of a sudden, boom, 7-eleven is going in! 7-eleven is a big corporation w
so it's not much of a delay heading into san francisco right now. elsewhere to the san mateo bridge, and as you can see, both directions still moving at the limit about 14 minutes between hayward and foster city. so we are seeing one accident eastbound 580 through the altamont pass approaching grant line road both directions. it is going against the commute with just a heads up. if you are traveling westbound 580 out of tracy and all the way towards livermore that's the drive time between the altamont pass and 680, 14 minutes. so not too bad to start off this morning. golden gate bridge a quick look, you will find various lanes blocked in the northbound direction this morning. and they have not done any lane changes yet so we'll let you know as soon as they do plus check mass transit coming up. back to you guys. >> thank you. >>> 4:39. today city supervisors in san francisco will decide whether to ban nudity in most public places. it would apply to anyone over the age of 5. but there would be exemptions for participants in street fairs and parades that do have permits for such. supe
of the officers with a car in a parking garage. that's when police opened fire and killed him. >>> the san mateo county district attorney plans to make a decision on what steps to take after a judge through out on a murder trial. police said his killer was childhood friend gregory alarn of pittsburgh. yesterday the judge in the case threw out the charges. >> the real question was at one point when mr. elam was talking about wanting an attorney, whether or not the questioning e should have stopped and the judge said it should have. it is something we don't agree with. >> the da said he was not under arrest when he talked about the murder to police and there was no obligation to read him his miranda rights. >>> a verdict will be announced this morning in the case of a rape and murder. an entire neighborhood was on edge until he was arrested last january. the jury reached a verdict on friday and it will be publicly announced today at about 9:30. >>> a woman who was taking out the trash made a gruesome discovery. she found a man in her garban -- garbage can in her home. he later died from unknown in
traffic here in the traffic center all of that happening now. live shot of the san mateo bridge quiet now, early morning no problems on the east or westbound span. golden gate bridge quiet no roadwork, no fog, clear, no delays if you are traveling southbound into san francisco. we have a nice drive if you are heading towards antioch, under 15 minutes now from antioch in the westbound direction. eastbound 580 roadwork until 11:00 this morning. westbound drive is looking good. >>> san jose police hope a reward will help entice the community to help them catch a second robber in a violent crime spree that killed an innocent bystander and injured an officer. kira klapper is at the san jose police department. >> reporter: good morning. the police officers association is offering a $10,000 reward, hoping someone can lead them to the accomplice of jonathan wilbanks together they went on a violent crime spree he's already under arrest, police are looking for his partner crime. they don't have a name or description both were said to be wearing ski masks. it began before 7:30 friday night when they
are catching a dry break for the eastern end of the san mateo bridge. it is running along the bay shore parts of the dumbarton bridge. >> south boulder creek scotts valley contending with what weather. allow yourself at a time of the roadways. especially for your things giving travel. here is the wider view of satellite and radar. the shshowers continue to push their way south. as we turn our attention to future cast for the rain model shows 6:00 a.m. you can see light rain in the south bay it looks like we are catching a break north of hayward and san bruno. 8:00 a.m. spotty showers exist we will see dryer clear conditions into the afternoon. temperatures are in the '50s 57 concord. 59 in oakland. afternoon highs a mixing of 60s. 61 for daly city. 65 in vallejo. pleasanton at 67 degrees. your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows dry weather for thanksgiving for friday and beyond. we will continue to monitor the forecast quickly in the traffic center. >> not monitoring any hot spots or delays. again it is wet so drive with extra caution. the bay bridge looks good. the san mateo bridge t
of stormtracker 4 radar some of weather cells rotating through the san mateo coast pushing through but that is light. the satellite and radar showing the spotty cloud pattern that is still onshore into impacting northern california. the weather cells along the san mateo coast and also continuing to see snowfall in the sierras that will be wrapped up tomorrow. we still have a chance for shoddy showers but mostly clear skies. that is leading to chilly temperatures in the is going to get very cold overnight. frosty tomorrow. and a slightly warmer temperatures. will get it even warmer on sunday, monday with your drive forecast coming up. >> some are saying that it is controversial but the san francisco officials are looking to cover the cost for a sexual reassignment surgery for the uninsured. this developing program is set to be the first for the nation. >> there are many people walking around the city battling between their physical and avidly and what they actually consider themselves. their physical- anatomy. it will be the first city in the nation to pay for sexual reassignment su
on the scene of a water main break on brewsster avenue and warren near the san mateo county government center -- two hopes have been flooded crews are using pumps to remove water from the basement of those two homes. >>> more breaking news from tel aviv. there's been an attack on a security guard at the u.s. embassy. a spokeswoman says a man tacked a guard this morning with a knife and a injuring that guard in the leg. one witness described the weapon as a pitchfork. guards took the man into custody. he's a 41-year-old israeli man with mental health problems. we'll continue to follow the story and bring more information as soon as it comes in. >>> we've learned overnight that president obama is sending secretary of state clinton to the mideast today to help mediate an end to the bloody conflict between israel and the palestinians. the u.s. navy is positioning three ships in the remote chance american citizens might need to be evacuate from israel. amid talk of cease-fire there's a steady stream of rocket fire. israel is ready to escalate operations if a deal cannot be reached. it has been ama
the areas heading into san mateo. folks are heading into that blue area there, the tougher weather and coming off the san mateo bridge as well. also, the north bay has had a tough one. thinning out now. south of nevada, you get into weather here, and that richmond bridge has had a wind advisory as well. we head over to the san mateo bridge for the drive and then a quick check of the bay bridge as well, where the back of toll plaza, you see oakland and the soupy conditions. now christina is there at the toll plaza. christi, our commuters never at a loss when it comes to commenting on your drives or flights. what did you find out? >> reporter: good morning, i it tell you i haven't taken this jacket off or hood for almost four hours. we are at the toll plaza. i want to step aside so you can see what's going on here. you can see the backup, but you see the panoramic where it extends all the way from the flyover to emery. drivers tell us what it would normally take, you just double that time. if you're flying, you're going to say major delays, too. nothing like a storm to slow down the
finally a back edge toward san mateo and into the santa cruz mountains. our system moving through but you can see there is still enhancement taking place. i think we're in for a cloudy day here and morning rain and tapering off to drizzly light rain. windy up in the hills. partial clearing later. partial clearing later. very mild. we're in the 50s right now to 60s. wouldn't take much to get to about 5-7 degrees warmer. that would be it. this that is not a cold system. it's raining up in tahoe. partly sunny and cloudy on thursday. there will be big-time night and morning fog in the valley. coast and most of the bay and peninsula look pretty good. a little warmer. although cooler sunday and monday. >>> three suspects are under arrest in connection with armed robberies in oakland. how tracking software on cell phones led police to the suspects. >>> warning from the fed chairman to the president and congress about that fiscal cliff. >>> pretty rainy on san mateo bridge and the weather could also effect flights into and out of sfo. we'll have more of that coming up. ♪ ...could end with addin
as we have showers moving in as we speak. burlingame, san mateo as you come off the bridge running into water all the way into half moon bay and down to san carlos. also around heading towards daly city and south san francisco and up to ocean beach is where we have rain. we have a shower moving through right now. higher elevations through la honda road, alpine road. this will be heading towards east palo alto. so 280 and 101 will get wet. solid water still about half an hour, 20 minutes to half an hour away from the coast. any time today we always have a chance of rain. temperatures are going to be in the 40s and 50s this morning. 50s and 60s from noon until 4:00. let's map out the weekend. we have wettest day tomorrow, morning showers on sunday. sunday afternoon should be dry. >> we have a situation here in the emeryville area on 80 westbound. this is stalled big rig right here in the second lane from the right and a stalled car with somebody out of car right here behind it. just before powell street after ashby, westbound 80, very careful in the area. cars are coming up quickly.
-free. >> san mateo bridge doing a bridge check getting busier westbound towards the flat section and highrise 13 minute drive across the bay to the foster city side. wet bound 580 past north livermore accident slow traffic past the scene 20 minutes get the dublin-pleasanton area from the altamont pass north 680 at treat and walnut creek first reports of accident. bart will be easier to get than squeeze into a train yesterday yesterday had record amounts of riders today will be easier ride all mass transit on time. >>> [ inaudible ] >>> here's this morning's america's money report. >>> good morning. estimates say the total cost of hurricane sandy could top 50 billion dollars with about 30 billion in damaged and destroyed property and the rest in lost business activity. sandy has sparked rebuilding rally on wall street shares of home depot, lowe's and other home improvement companies up wednesday first day of trading since the storm hit home bow up more than 2%. airlines -- scrambling in the wake of sanity trying to rebook two million passengers after almost 20,000 flights were cancelled. most
plaza looks decent out of oakland. the san mateo westbound 92 we. out of foster city of no accidents to report or getting to the bridge west of the nimitz freeway. golden gate bridge, no issues of the visibility the headlights going to the easy are pretty easy out of marin county. i have been checking with the c h p no word on any injuries associated with this accident on northbound 880. it could involve a big rig. with a car on its side. >> thank you. the hunt continues this morning for the arsonists who torched a san francisco muni bus after the giants world series when the last sunday. investigators have cellphone video which shows the culprits in the act. san francisco police what this video to go viral in the hopes someone will recognize the two suspects. police released these images on wednesday and say they've already gotten a flurry of tips on the twitter feed and facebook page. those leads are currently being pursued by investigators social media has helped the police department before. earlier this week san francisco police department arrested gregory grants for special the
of oakland to the city. the san mateo bridge the cut. a wet deck away the drive 12 minutes from and again. a dry break south bound 101 the golden gate bridge no accident to report for your ride come out of the north bay james. >> thank you erica. san jose five r as battle a one a long are at st. thomas more school the happened about 1:00 a.m.. it is located 1565 south white road. the fire out of control quickly. no reports of injuries. the cause is still under investigation we will let you know when firefighters learn more. >> according to the utility company him out and start around 15. the cause of the outage has not been determined that are working to get fixed periods as they figure out how and why it went out there and be a man who killed six and injured 13 more in the tucson shooting rampage has and sentenced to life in prison without he was given seven consecutive life terms plus 140 years in prison. he also came face-to-face with the first time with representative deborah l. gifford. she was one of the 13 injured in 2011. her husband mark kelly spoke about the attack here is what
listening. there has been light rain but the heavier is off the san mateo and santa cruz coastline. cloudy day. rain in the morning and again in the evening. i think the evening commute could be a little worse. we'll explain why coming up in five minutes. here is sal. >>> steve, right now san mateo bridge traffic looks good heading out to the high-rise. the traffic will be effected by today's rain. so please plan accordingly. westbound bay bridge the traffic is still at the speed limit. now at 5:00 let's go back to the desk. >>> breaking news we first told you about at 4:30. police in vallejo arresting a 14-year-old boy for a brutal attack on a 65-year-old woman. claudine wong is in vallejo with all the details of a kidnapping and attack and demand for ransom. >> reporter: let me show you where we are. we are at hidden broke parkway and interstate 80. there is not much here. there is a parking lot and an entrance to a subdivision. but we have come here because this is where the 65-year-old victim was found. she was duct taped. she was unconscious. but there is traffic through here and appa
will then a couple of degrees compared to what we are now. 59 san mateo. 58 in hayward. your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast does show more wet weather on the way as we head into to mop. the good news is the weekend looks dry. sunny conditions into sunday. mild into monday and that is a holiday. tuesday the rain chances are back to the continued into wednesday. tenters will only be in the low sixties for your inland and bay locations at upper 50s low sixties for the coast. >> no hot spots in the traffic. the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza fein into oakland-best out of oakland's into the city. the drive 12 minute at the san mateo bridge from in 10. southbound 101 good. the golden good dust as the golden gate bridge no thick dense fog. the conditions out marin county. no accidents to report. the drive 22 minutes from novato into san francisco james'. >> very good erica. new this morning at a hotel and burlingame has been evacuated due to possible carbon monoxide poisoning. the embassy suites and burlingame. one person has been taken to the house battle what they believe to be c 02 pois
the bay area. >> is the view from the san mateo bridge. as you can see it is wet outside. we may see possible thunderstorms for the evening. we may see breaks in sunshine because we will be dealing with two systems. we will have rain and windy conditions. as we take a look at storm tracker 4 it is showing what we are at right now. san mateo is getting rain right now and there is another approach to san francisco. it has been a little bit warmer. we will be dropping down from the golf. it will be colder and it will be quick moving. by about 9:00 a.m. we will be durindealing with the rain. that afternoon hours will be will will have to dry break. it will not last too long. by 6:00 p.m. will have the next system starting. it will decrease in intensity. we could be waking up to light rain for tomorrow morning. as we take a look at the 7 day around the bay. once we get past this will not be in the clear. we will have to dry start to your work week but by mid we will see rain again. >>turning to national news. president obama is are urging congress to move on the fiscal cliff. this is set
-to-40 miles per hour so be careful when you cross the bridge, is san rafael bridge, and san mateo, that will be a concern, the winds will hit the side of your car and you may notice a calm wind and then you will experience a gust and that will be watched over the next few hours. tara moriarty is tracking those roadways as well. >>> good morning, mark, we have a spin out on the off ramp there probably due to the rain which mark has been talking about so we advice you to take it easy out there on the -- advise you to take it easy out there. high winds will be kicking in and we will definitely be looking at that as it occurs. traffic is flowing nicely in both directions and no delays into foster city or hayward on the opposite side. >>> in daily city, it was compromised by a water-main break, the water rupture sent thousands of gallons of water into several streets two weeks ago. bails of hay and mesh are put into place to prevent more and storm drains have been cleared to make sure the water has a place to go. stay with us throughout the morning around we are monitoring conditions m
in their car. police believe they are behind 15 residential burglaries since june in santa clara, san mateo and contra costa county. >>> a possible recall effort against san francisco's sheriff. next week a group of women is expected to announce plans to remove ross mirkarimi from office. the group is encouraged by tuesday's defeat of one of the supervisors who voted to keep him in office. a vote on the recall could come next june. >>> who will score a year's worth of free chicken sandwiches from chik-fil-a? for that, let's go to cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran, who is live at the fast-food restaurant in walnut creek. >> reporter: it's a packed parking lot at walnut creek's chik-fil-a. not of cars but tents. now, all of these peopler who hoping to be part of those free chicken sandwiches as you mentioned. this chik-fil-a here in walnut creek that's going to open in a few hours. and this crowd is hoping to be part of the first 100. when the new chik-fil-a opens the first 100 customers get a free meal every week for a year. >> chik-fil-a is where it's at. i love chik-fil-a. it's great and i get
about, there is an advisory on the bay bridge as well as the san mateo and the venetia bridge and you will want to give yourself some extra time, slow down and use those low beams. reporting live lorraine blanco ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> more than 100 people were sent to the hospital after carbon-monoxide scare. here is more on what pg&e discovered in their investigation. >> reporter: no update on how all of those people are doing after they were exposed so some kind of carbon monoxide here in the heights. firefighters were called out here and a total of 14 people had to be transported to the hospital and those parents had carbon-monoxide in their bloodstream. pg&e arrived at the house and they were not able to find where that gas was coming from. we spoke with one neighbor nearby and she was forced to evacuate and of course was worried about everyone who had to be treated. >> a few had high carbon- monoxide readings and we are okay but i tonight know about the family right now. >> now that pg&e representatives who came here did check all of the plie answers but -- appliances b
for the rain looks like a decent day today though. 69 morgan hill. 68 san jose. 67 san mateo. 67 antioch and fairfield and 66 vallejo. inside the bay sunshine early on then clouds roll in. 68 in oakland. 56 san francisco. 66 degrees in novato. next couple of days, here we go. weekend plans? we have showers over the weekend. not going to be a washout on saturday but a stronger storm system saturday night into sunday. that will bring good rainfall. then more possibility of showers on and off monday, tuesday and wednesday. you're excited, aren't you, elizabeth is this. >> what you if you have outdoor plans over the weekend? >> you might want to rethink that. >> thanks, lawrence. >>> right now we are dry for the morning drive. no major hot spots. but things are starting to pick up a little bit. here's a live look at the dublin interchange. westbound 580 headlights. right now about a 15-minute drive time from altamont pass to the dublin interchange. eastbound looks good, as well. to some of our bridges this morning the san mateo bridge, this is westbound 92. they just picked up some roadwork.
more crowded at the san mateo bridge incident to the right shoulder westbound flat section tow truck, i don't see a car, little slowing past the scene towards the highrise over to foster city, minor delay. napa north 120 within at 29 overturned -- 121, at ten nine, overturned vehicle. if you are headed out now, here's some of your drive times 580 to the altamont pass moderate dive highway 4 and 80 east shore -- freeway let's take a look at the traffic app, this is 580 from the central valley, hayward -- moderate traffic westbound on 580 towards livermore. free app to help you get around. download it on the app store or google play. >>> the star power coming together for president obama's final day on the campaign trail. >>> you saw it here, country music's biggest stars and biggest night. the winners at last night's ah. fire bad! just have to fire roast these tomatoes. do you churn your own butter what? too? this is going to give you a head start on your dinner. that seems easier sure does who are you? [ female announcer ] new progresso recipe starters. five delicious cooking
francisco, san mateo county line. but certainly bears paying attention in trying to figure out what steps can be made to, you know, go with light rail or some sort of other service that would get people to that area a lot quicker than the likely hour-plus trip it takes it from downtown to get out to some of those areas. those were the things -- and i also was very happy to see, -- again, it's hard to do these categorizations, but $81,000 earnings per worker is a pretty significant amount of money. i know there's a wide discrepancy depending on the types of jobs. but it's probably one of the higher averages per capita or in the united states, i would think. >> yeah, definitely, it reflects the economy we have that we're blessed with both in san francisco and regionally. >> that's a very good report. i plan to spend more time reading it in even more detail and i may have >> very good. thank you. >> commissioner moore. >> i appreciate the reporting, like san francisco in the region, small part [speaker not understood]. there is the physical growth of the city. there is the population density
though, temperatures, 50s and 60s, mainly a lot of low 60s. santa cruz will be the warmest san mateo 62, warmer afternoon highs, then increasing clouds, sometime on the weekend, we get some clouds, maybe some light rain and this is where a heavier system comes in. european markets are mixed in early trading so far. investors are worrying about indicating information about china's economy which may be speeding up again. they have losses overnight and japan is down nearly 1%, and china and hong kong bust the trend and have some small gains on that report. checking in on our numbers, friday's close, up a little bit and we'll see what happens this week when we have some more economic reports as we get closer to the end of the year. apple and taiwan have agreed to sign a 10 year licensing agreement that will expand to each patent they hold. >>> all right, pam, time now 5:18 the chp is launching a new crackdown on drivers and how the focus is on drivers who are unking as they drive. >>> -- who are unking as they drive. >> >> and don't forget, you can get your wake-up call and information send
to monitor a be pretty good ride around the san mateo bridge. the bay bridge also looks good. the metering lights have not been activated. there's still light traffic for most of the east bay. we do have slowing on interstate 580. there are no problems to report. >> it is 6 01 a.m.. >> our developing story that we are following is about a high-speed chase. this started on the bay bridge and a female driver led the police over several miles. >> what happened was that she blow by a ramp that was being worked on by the chp. they followed her and we are it 17th in south bend. she oscillate ended here. look how fast she was born. >> these are skid marks on the ground and she started to make a right turn and she did not make it and slammed into a pole and this controls the traffic lights which are off. we do not know when these traffic lights will be restored. it will be very busy with school buses coming and going. according to the people working they say this to take another couple of hours. that after replaced old box due to are slamming into a. she slams into this parked truck and as you can
. lake level. 6200 feet and outside right now ts foggy out there. here is the san mateo bridge where the main rain is to the north. we have a couple more hours of light to moderate rain in the north bay area. sun was up 6:53 and here is look at emeryville where you see the drops on the lens. there is fog and slick pavement. we still have more rain on the bay. the rain not only falling above the radar beam but also below the radar beam. we are looking at the green not only in the north bay but on the peninsula, san francisco, santa cruz mountains into the east bay. that is where we're going to zoom in from richmond to san pablo and down through moraga. dublin and we haven't seen much overnight, light to moderate rain pulling out of hayward and mist and drizzle. back toward the city down from colma and san bruno and here is the rain around lake tahoe. winter weather advisory for the sierra nevada but we do have a winter storm warning for the southern sierra down to yosemite where upwards of two to three feet above 7500 feet. 1.58 for santa rosa. significant rain for sonoma county. half
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